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$5000 Treasure Hunt Rules:
1) Must be 18 or older to participate. Kids can always be part of a team as long as an adult is registered as team leader.

2)You will need to like and Share our Facebook Page
Once you do this head over to and sign up for the hunt

3) Each week on Friday we will post a clue on our website and Facebook page. You will have to figure out the 3 different locations we drop clues about and take a photo of yourself at these locations. ( can be anywhere in our servicing area)

4) Once you take the photos you will need to post each one to your Facebook page and copy and paste this text.

“I’m competing in the Professional Roofing Solutions $5,000 Treasure Hunt, you can still join by going to….  or to sign up”

5) As soon as we confirm you have the right 3 locations and posted them correctly with the text above We will let you know where to pick up your Piece of the treasure map. At the end of 10 weeks you will have all the map pieces and the first to get to the treasure wins $5000.

6) We will also be giving away bonus prizes during the 10 weeks for different things. For example, be creative when you take your photos and you may just win a bonus prize.

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Clue #1

professional roofing $5000 treasure hunt

Clue #2

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Clue #3

professional roofing solutions $5000 treasure hunt, roofing contractor warsaw

Clue #4

professional roofing Solutions Syracuse  $5000 treasure hunt

Clue #5

Roofing Contractor Plymouth Indiana

Clue #6

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